Chapter 1 of the Aly Chronicles

 I woke up to my alarm as usual and hopped of the bed looking sleepily around the room. I fumbled in my drawer and pulled out a pair of my favorite jean shorts and slipped them on then pulled out my favorite tanktop and slipped it on. Today was the last day of freshman year and I wanted to make the best of it. After twenty minutes of doing my hair and makeup I was ready to go. I had that same excited feeling in me that I had every year on the last day of school. But this was the first summer that I had a car to get around in and I wouldn’t have to have my mom take me everywhere. I had my black jeep commander and it could take me anywhere well almost anywhere.                        

I hopped into my car and pulled out of the driveway and decided to take the long way to school. As I turned onto the school road I saw my friend Madison get out of her car. As always she was wearing high heels and a mini skirt. Sometimes I think she’s just a plain slut. I rolled down the window and called “Madison over here!” She turned and looked at me and began walking my way.

       She hopped into the passenger seat and turned and said “Are you ready for summer to begin?”

          I said as I was turning into a tight parking spot “Well of course! Who isn’t?”

    She smiled and said “I don’t know.” 

     I hopped out’ve the car with her following me. We were halfway to the entrance doors when Heather came up to us and said “Let’s go after school to the mall” She was as usual smiling. I said looking at her while smiling “Ok but don’t we have Jason’s party to go to?”

   She looked at me and said “Ya thats why we are going to the mall to get some party clothes” She tossed her blonde hair around like she always did showing off for whoever was there.

       After that I just ignored her and I pushed open the doors and my last day of freshman year has started.

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